Bee Alive

A revitalising practice to awaken body, mind and spirit. An explorative flow with guided breath awareness and enhancing soundscape.

Bee Physical

A grounding practice to fully inhabit your body in the now. Bee physical is a strong, dynamic flow practice with functional movement to support you in everyday life.

Bee Yin

Journey through and with your body through the lens of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM.) Take your time to really just be in this slow and meditative practice.

Conscious Cardio

Functional movement, fitness and invigorating sounds to shake you up and wake you up.

Bee Relaxed

Supporting you to find a place of relaxation and rest. We will explore different practices such as meditation, mantra, yoga nidra and pranayama. This is not an asana (postural) class.

Bee Yin Yang

Beginning by dropping into rest and relaxation, this class ill take you on a journey through slow and meditative yin postures, into a yang flow. Bring the in with you into the yang and find balance.

For new student / class advice please see our timetable page.

Swedish Massage
30 min £16 60 min £32
Deep Tissue Massage
30 min £18 60 min £35
60 mins £30
Yoga Nidra
60 mins £20
One to One Asana/ Pranayama/Meditation/Movement
60 mins £30
Infra- Red Sauna Therapy
30 min £9 40 min £9.50